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 Research projects of the group

Brass alloys of historical instruments: surface analysis, corrosion and corrosion protection
Progetto PRIN 2011, Coordinatore Nazionale
In collaboration with ETH Zurich and Swiss National Museum

Synthesis, characterization and reactivity of phosphate and borate glasses

In collaboration with N.D. Spencer - LSST ETH Zurich,
Contact person: A. Rossi

Chemical reactivity of mineral sulfides, carbonates and asbestos surfaces of environmental interest

In collaboration with P. F. Lattanzi (Scienze della Terra), G. Artioli (Milano)
Contact person: M. Fantauzzi, B. Elsener, A. Rossi

Durability of steel and stainless steel in alkaline environments / concrete by electrochemical methods and surface analysis

Contact person: B. Elsener, A. Rossi

Preparation, characterization and properties of nanocristalline Ni-P alloys.

In collaboration with A. Krolikowski, Technical University Warsaw
Contact person: A. Rossi

Reconstruction of the concentration depth profile of nanolayered surfaces from ARXPS measurements.

In collaborazione con G. Navarra.  Contact Person:  A. Rossi

Sensitized Biosensors for Protection of the Atmosphere and the Human Health  
Progetto PRIN 2005, Coordinatore Nazionale Prof. L. Campanella, Università di Roma "La Sapienza"
Contact person: A. Rossi

XPS Analysis of biomedical polymers
In collaborazione con l'Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia
Contact Person: D. Atzei, B. Elsener, A. Rossi

Biolisciviazione di minerali solfuri come arsenopirite ed enargite.

In collaborazione con G. Loi, G. Rossi, P. Trois
Contact Person: M. Fantauzzi, D. Atzei, A. Rossi

Passività e corrosione localizzata degli acciai inossidabili in ambienti aggressivi

Contact person: A. Rossi, B. Elsener